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How to Have A Green and/or Vegan Valentine's Day

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photo and cookies by Kristin Kolnacki

I wasn't planning on writing about V-Day this year because there's already so much coverage on other sites/I haven't had time, but decided to do a quick video summarizing my thoughts and tips. Additionally, I asked the Eco-Vegan Gal community for their advice and got some great responses, so here are some resources for you:

My best advice is to keep it simple and make it about love, not about buying things or over-doing it. If you're looking to buy chocolate, I highly recommend Rox Chox. If you're going to do some physical love making, check out Sir Richard's eco-vegan condoms.

Check out this great video by my friend Rachel Avalon, post by fellow eco-vegan gal The Green Girl Next Door, this fabulous vegan guide (with discounts) from Vegan Cuts and this fair trade guide from my pals at Fair Trade USA.
EVG Community Advice:
  • If you buy flowers - buy them fair trade please. The way women are treated on flower farms is incredibly sad. Knowing what I now know I could never be happy with typical flowers.....better yet, buy an organic plant and watch it grow together over the years. /sappy.
  • Make your own Valentines Cards from recycled cards, calendars, magazines, or whatever you have. That way you can customize the message and make it truly personal.
  • Chocolate not flowers
  • ONLY buy fair trade, organic chocolate - so much better for everyone all around. It's a few buck more, true, but SO worth it.
  • Don't buy heart shaped boxes! They look awesome but they carry like 4-1 amount of candy a square box uses. As an Eco-Guy up in NH, just an idea.
  • Vegan cupcakes melt girls hearts- so do peonies.
  • Give extra hugs to all your pets for Valentine's Day..they deserve it...'cause...they love you EACH & EVERYDAY, unconditionally.
  • Dino kale seeds for your spring garden!
  • Being Vegan and Eco is all about love...lose the love and you become sad and bitter at the abuse...concentrate on the love and you will remain a teacher to others and not a judge.
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