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Eco-Vegan Valentine's Day: digital simplicity

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Two of the keys to being eco-vegan are:

  • simplicity
  • cutting out waste
This even applies to Valentine's Day, and I'm happy to report that this February 14th was in line with my standards. I created a digital card for my boyfriend using Photoshop and posted it on his Facebook wall for him to see when he woke up in the morning. Then we each surprised each-other with video messages via email, since we don't live in the same city. In his video he was planting some vegetables and herbs in his San Fran window-sill garden - talk about a perfect guy for me!

He didn't send me flowers or mail me a card. Perhaps we'll go out for a vegan meal or make one when I visit him in San Francisco in a few days, both otherwise there was no purchasing involved on our Valentine's Day. And I like it that way. We kept it simple and waste free, and he created life that will eventually serve as nutrition - now that is what I call eco-vegan living!
How was your Valentine's Day? Did it involve anything green or healthy? Was it simply sweet?

Valentine's Day is notorious for being a holiday designed to pressure people into buying things to show their love for each-other. There is so much waste involved, from card production to unhealthy candy to pesticide-ridden flowers that travel from around the world to sit in a vase for a few days. I don't mean to make you feel bad if you purchased any of this, but perhaps you'll reconsider it next year. If simplicity isn't your style, you can find Valentine's gifts that are kinder to the planet, such as recycled cards, organic candies, and potted plants. But in many cases, simply telling your loved ones - whether your partner, family member, or friend - that you care about them is all they really need on February 14th.
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