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These Greeting Cards Make A Global Impact

Disclosure: this post was sponsored by Arbor Day Foundation

"We inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees."

This is the mission statement of the Arbor Day Foundation, a wonderful organization that is the largest nonprofit dedicated to planting trees. I ordered some of their holiday items to give to loved ones and was very impressed by the quality, design and environmental benefit.

My first purchase was a Give-A-Tree card with the word Joy written out with beautiful nature photography. In addition to being nice to look at, the inside and back of the card notate the best part: with every card purchase a tree is planted in forest in honor of the recipient! When I gave the card to my mother (who’s name is Joy), she was happy to read about Arbor Day’s donation.

certificate pen IMG 1178

The second order I placed was a Trees in Celebration Certificate, which pay tribute to anyone important in your life on special occasions. I dedicated this to my best friend and business partner Jason to honor our significant friendship and ventures. Like me, he is a big nature lover and receiving cards brings him great joy.

order certificate IMG 1260

Both items were very easy to order and customize through the Arbor Day website. There are over 80 Give-A-Tree cards to select from, organized into themes like the holidays. Be sure to select Custom Imprinting to add your own text and optional image. When purchasing a Trees in Celebration Certificate you can choose which forest you’d like the trees to be planted in, how many you’d like planted then you fill in the details of who is receiving and giving it. Each of the items allow you to view a proof before purchase to ensure that everything looks exactly as you wish.

order card IMG 1281

The card and certificate make lovely gifts for any occasion (such as weddings, birthdays, in memory of lost loved ones). I’m writing this right before Thanksgiving (when I gave the card to my mother) and Christmas is right around the corner (that’s when I’ll give Jason his certificate). It’s also especially timely after my home state of California suffered horrible fires this November.  In the holiday spirit, Arbor Day is offering free shipping November through December. Click here to pick out cards and certificates for your loved ones.
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