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5 Simple Ways to Cut Your Organic, Vegan Food Costs

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Have you been wanting to eat more organic, plant-based foods but feel convinced that it's too expensive? The good news is that you've been fooled - healthy, eco-vegan meals do not need to break the bank! I've been eating well on a budget for years and have spent the past year absorbing tons of tips and tricks to share with you. I'll be releasing an ebook entitled "Healthy, Organic Vegan on A Budget" and to give you a taste of what you'll learn from it I've launched a month-long video series

Each day in September I'll be sharing a short video (under 10 minutes) about a specific aspect of eating healthy without spending too much money. This series is part of Vegan Month of Food (aka #VeganMofo), in which content creators like myself post about plant-based cuisine. To ensure that you don't miss any of my videos, be sure to sign up for the mailing list to receive 30 emails, each full of easy advice on spending less on food.

In the first video you'll learn 5 simple tips to get you started - check it out below:

If you haven't downloaded my free ebook "Easy, Cheap, Healthy Vegan Meals", sign up for the main Eco-Vegan Gal email list to receive your copy. That freebie is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you'll learn from the rest of the video series and my upcoming ebook - there is a lot of great advice coming your way!

See you tomorrow for the next video - don't forget to sign up for the list to get it delivered to your inbox!

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