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Grocery Outlet Giveaway: $200 Worth of Organic, Vegan Food

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Ever since I researched and wrote the "Heathy, Organic Vegan on a Budget" ebook I am always on the hunt for bargains on healthy food. It brings me so much joy to buy items on sale and discover new places to get deals. One day someone online mentioned a store that I had never heard of called Grocery Outlet. At the time I happened to be near a location so I convinced a friend to check it out with me. I wish I could remember who it was who recommended this market because I want to give them a hug. Thanks to their impressive selection of affordable organic, vegan food, Grocery Outlet has become one of my favorite stores.

All of the products I was excited about were under $3, at an average of $2. I bought 3 items and spent just $5.87, and the receipt noted that I would have spent an additional $8.30 elsewhere! I was so impressed with Grocery Outlet that I made an Instagram montage of my discoveriesShortly after I shared this video I received an email from Grocery Outlet thanking me and asking if I wanted to do a giveaway for you. How could I say no?! I want everyone to know about this store and what better way to spread the word than by offering you a freebie? :-)
First, I'd like to share what I learned about Grocery Outlet after shopping there.
They are very supportive of the vegan diet and preferences for natural, organic food. In fact, they have a name for this at their stores: NOSH. This stands for Natural Organic Specialty Healthy - I love that! You can find a variety of fresh and packaged foods at every store, from produce to non-dairy milk to delicious snacks. Of course there are gluten-free options as well. It's like going on a treasure hunt every time you visit because what's in stock is always based on availability.
You might be wondering how they can sell healthy food at such low prices. I was curious too so that's one of the first things I asked the company. Grocery Outlet buys surplus products that companies made in excess or due to packaging changes. As they explain on their website, they get great deals on surplus, which allows them to pass on their savings to customers. This does not impact that wages that their staff receives - in fact everyone seemed very happy at the store that I visited!
I also love that Grocery Outlet is a family run business and that each location is locally and independently run. This gives the company less of a corporate feel and each store a unique experience. I can't wait to visit more locations!
Speaking of locations, at the time of writing this here are some of the parts of the US you'll find Grocery Outlet:
  • California
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Idaho
  • Nevada
  • Pennsylvania

Click here to check out the store locator.

If your state isn't on that list or there isn't a location close to your area, don't worry: they have over 20 grand openings happening in 2015! This is really exciting for me because I heard that there will be one in Los Angeles. Currently the closest location to me is in Oceanside, which is a bit far but a great excuse to go to the beach for the day!


Congrats to Alex for wining the $200 gift card to Grocery Outlet!

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