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Where to Eat & Shop Vegan in London & The Rest of UK

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A viewer named Liz asked me if I had some vegan UK resources. Unfortunately I've only been to the UK once and it was before I was vegan, but after reaching out to my social media community I received some great tips!

I'll begin with Corinne's advice - she sent me a very detailed email. Here's what she had to say:

I'm French and moved to London about a year ago. It's been great although not as easy as I thought... 

One of my favorite stores is www.planetorganic.comSo lucky to be able to easily find an organic and vegan lunch there as well as Kale chips! ;-) They also deliver, and they are the only ones I have found who have organic wines!! Plus they are well stocked on beauty products and labels on their website is amazing. I discovered Matcha tea thanks to them and the staff is so friendly an so knowledgeable.

There is a chain called where I go for vitamins & supplements. Mostly not organic although they have organic nuts and seeds and a fair amount of vegan products. My vitamins are labelled as 'suitable for vegetarians & vegans' with specific mention that there is no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, no preservatives, no added sugar or salt, no milk, no lactose, no soya, no gluten, no wheat, no fish, no yeast and no porcine. 

I have found some great companies who specialize in organic products, mainly from local (or at least UK) farmers. was great. I had to stop using them because of delivery time and issues in my building but they really were the best. Packaging is amazing. Although not vegan the inside of their cool box is made from unused wool for example. You store all the boxes from one delivery to the next and they pick them up to reuse them over and over. Their weekly fruit and vegetable boxes includes some surprising items sometimes but they always give recipes to make sure you know what to do with those which is a lovely and very useful touch. I switched to Same concept as Abel & Cole. Products are good. No weekly recipe ;-(

My boyfriend loves to have breakfast at overlooking the Camden locks. It's the first place we went to the very first day we moved to London so it will always have a special place in our hearts (and stomachs!). Their raw cakes are amazing...

He recently took me out for diner at & and although I'm not the biggest cupcake fan he brought me some cupcakes from Greenwich from and they were absolutely delicious! Next he is taking me to! Yes I have a fantastic boyfriend ;-) To thank him I got him some organic chocolate from!

One thing I appreciate in London compare to Paris, is about Japanese restaurants: When I stopped eating fish I was banned from sushi restaurants in France and was a bit sad about it as I always felt there must be a way to still be able to go with friends. Fortunately the chain offers lots of vegan options and I always loved the sushi restaurants with conveyor belts and the small portion dishes you find on them.

I love shoes! I therefore have to tell you about shoes which I adore! They make me want to move to Brighton which by all mean is a vegetarian / vegan paradise! A bit expensive but they have regular sales ;-)  The is not as expensive and I have bought a pair of Airseal boots which I love! I like going to in Notting Hill as well and they have now extended their handbags sections so I have to go back very soon!  It's been so hard to find vegan shoes, I feel so privileged now to have the choice!

The Vegetarian Society is obviously a very useful source of info.


A few more recommendations from Facebook:

Kelley H. suggests Marks and Spencer for groceries.

Courtney L. says "Glasgow, Scotland, The 78 and Mono all vegan and delicious pub/pubfood"

Dawn B. recommend Evolve Campaigns as a resource

Sheila E. says "Whole Foods, Kensington High Street in London - it's 3 floors, with the third floor being a fabulous food court - and Waitrose, all over the place, for organics."

Corinne L. seconds "Inspiral in Camden...yummi kale chips!"


Do you have some recommendations you'd like to share? If so, add them to the comment section!

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