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Kind Organics: Real, Good Food in a Multivitamin

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Product review by EvG team member Kelly O'Brien.

I am actually thrilled and giddy that I have been able to trial the brand new Kind Organics multivitamin for the past month and a half. The more I learned about how this multivitamin was created, the company who created it —Garden of Life—and the collaboration with Alicia Silverstone, the more I knew I was ingesting the most healthy, organic nutrition in a multivitamin for the very first time.

The collaboration was born between Alicia Silverstone, actress and author of The Kind Diet and The Kind Mama; Organic Juice Beauty skin care products; and Garden of Life, the number one selling supplement brand in the natural products industry and leader in Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified nutrition.

Alicia was not content with the vitamins she was taking because of the chemical binders, fillers and coating. The vitamins she was ingesting were completely manufactured and not truly from the earth thus not in line with the quality of nutrition her body needed and deserved. She learned as I did from Garden of Life that, "Even the best fermented or cultured multis all started off with chemical isolates and tableted versions of harsh chemical binders, fillers or coating."

After searching for a multivitamin with three crucial criteria, Alicia couldn't find one on the market that was certified USDA organic, Non-GMO project verified and "real," aka no synthetics, fillers, etc. Garden of Life wanted the same thing and knew the challenge ahead of them...and it was quite the challenge. So, they set out to create it by teaming with an innovator who harvested vitamins from organic fruits and herbs. Please read about the process of creating the vitamins here as it's actually fascinating.

The result of years of research? "We are thrilled to introduce Kind Organics—a multivitamin that is Certified USDA Organic from real, whole, Non-GMO Project Verified, certified gluten free and certified vegan foods. Kind Organics is made with over 30 of the healthiest organic veggies and fruits available, such as organic kale, organic sea kelp, organic broccoli, organic parsley, organic ginger and organic blueberries," Garden of Life says.

So, now let's talk about my trial of Kind Organics. Having done extensive research of the products, I just couldn't wait to get started. The Kind Organics package arrived about a month and a half ago for me to try the multivitamins myself. And it arrived at a time when I was experiencing not only a horrible flu, but also riding the wave of grief having lost a loved one. The timing was ideal because my immune system needed a very serious boost. I set out and took two Kind Organic multivitamins every single day for over 30 days (and counting), ate fairly close to 100 percent entirely plant based organic whole foods and within two weeks I could feel my body healing. I started to feel back to my vibrant self.

I believe I am already the biggest fan of Kind Organics because of the absolute uniqueness in health that these products provide. The Kind Organics multivitamins is monumental in both the vitamin industry and the entire wellness industry. As Alicia Silverstone stated, "we started with food and ended with food" in the making of this product. I imagine that it will be on the shelf of every wellness expert that I know in the industry.

Kind Organics has set the bar incredibly high as far as creating the absolute healthiest multivitamin in the entire market place. I will continue using the Kind Organics multivitamin because it's responsible to ingest pure organic nutrition into my body each day. To know that I am inviting into my body 30 plus organic family farmed foods feels so healing. My research of multivitamins starts and ends with this product. It's critical that we all know what we are actually putting in our mouths when we purchase vitamins and Kind Organics has taken all the guess work out of the process.

When asked what she wants us to know about Kind Organics multivitamins, Alicia said: "I wanted to take a multi from the same types of organic, nutritious foods I eat in my daily diet. I didn't want a bottle of chemical isolates dressed up with organic fluff. The multi I wanted to take didn't exist, so that's why we created Kind Organics. This something new you've not seen before. It's 100% food with no additives and no junk. Just real good food."

If you're looking for an extra boost in nutrition, run, don't walk to your closest Whole Foods or zip over to Amazon to purchase Kind Organics multivitamins.

Kelly O'Brien is the brand owner of 'Snapshots of Wellness' at and writer for a large host of websites such as MindBodyGreen, Wellness Revolution, Café Truth & Natural Health Magazine! She is also a well known Chicago blogger promoting a primarily plant-based lifestyle combined with her own perspective on wellness. 

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