Saturday, 24 March 2012 20:00

The Four Seasons LA Goes Green and Vegan!

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chef Ashley James with his vegan creations at Windows Lounge

I have a soft spot for The Four Seasons - about 5 years ago my family started a tradition to go to their Boston location for dinner every Christmas Eve. Since we've become regulars, the staff quickly learned about my vegan diet and now has an option for me each time I'm there - what started as a plate full of vegetables has turned into delicious dishes like creamy risotto, which you can see in this video. Thus, I was thrilled when a friend of mine told me that The Four Seasons Los Angeles was adding vegan items to their restaurants' menus - I knew I was in for a special experience but boy were my expectations exceeded. 
In this video, follow along with me as I try every healthy vegan dish (most of which were organic and/or gluten-free) at The Four Seasons LA's Windows Lounge and Culina restaurants, get an organic massage at their spa and try out their new green hotel room features:

Of course, The Four Seasons is an upscale establishment and their prices reflect that, so dining at their restaurants, enjoying their spa and staying as a hotel guest may be out of your budget. In fact, it is out of mine as well - I was able to have my experience because of the company's generosity and interest in spreading the word about their eco-vegan offerings. However, I can tell you that it is all worth the cost, and the bar and restaurant have average upscale LA prices, so they will definitely be on the top of my list for special occasions. Windows Lounge is perfect for important lunch meetings or fancy nights on the town, Culina is wonderful for birthdays and romantic evenings, the spa is an amazing indulgence, and few hotels can beat the luxurious rooms overlooking Hollywood. If you're ever looking to splurge or impress someone with gourmet vegan cuisine, The Four Seasons is the place to go - you will not be disappointed.

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