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How to Plan A Vegan Meal and Budget Tips from Vida Vegan Con

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Notes from Vida Vegan Con's Budgeting & Meal Planning panel with Lidiana Cruz and Mo Martin, via Twitter feed.
  • Use grocery shopping as a friend bonding time
  • Hold out for deals and know how much you will be able to eat before shopping
  • Shop at more stores for better deals
  • Look at your calendar and know if you need to buy a week's worth of groceries or not. Don't autopilot each week.
  • Eat before going shopping. Hungry shoppers spend much more
  • Buy spices whole and grind them at home - it's cheaper and tastes fresher
  • Organization is the best tip for budgeting.
  • Freeze vegetables like kale, which can be used for green smoothies
  • Put a white board on the fridge and write what is going to go bad on it to guide the meal planning
Meal Planning:
  • All a party needs is a good host so don't worry about how much you spend
  • Get to know thy happy hour!
  • Always be one meal ahead, prep the next one while waiting for water to boil. Soak beans or marinate tempeh.
  • Prep stuff all at once that you'll use in multiple meals so it's all on hand
  • You can make mashed potatoes in 7 minutes in a pressure cooker. Stock in 30 minutes. 40 minutes for beam from scratch. 

Thanks to @bookie85 and @greenvegnliving for sharing this!

If you were at VVC and have more to add to this, please comment below and I'll update the post!

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