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How to Campaign for Veganism: Tips from Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Others at Vida Vegan Con

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  • Veganism is not a perfect movement. There is still oppression within it based on privilege
  • Activism is not just one thing. You can define what an activist is for yourself. Find out what works for you. Find your voice and be true to it
  • Don't forget the power of your own words. Don't be afraid to use your own voice.
  • If you don’t say what you think, you’re not helping anyone.
  • When life is too easy, how effective can your activism be?
  • When your activism steps on someone else’s activism, how much good are you doing?
  • Make a conscious decision to find like minded people. Stay involved with the activism community, not just the vegan community. 
  • Get to the mainstream rather than preach to the converted.
  • We're not born vegan. We came to it. Remember that when you're working with non-vegans.  Instead of judging people, we need to understand people.
  • Work on looking and the intersection of veganism with other forms of oppression such as racism, sexism & forms of privilege
  • Win people over with food.
  • Bake sales are a great way to promote veganism and make money for animal rights
  • Bake for others once a week. Host a vegan holiday dinner. Bake for your office, add the recipe, and a why vegan brochure.
  • Do restaurant outreach
  • Write letters to editors
  • Simple ways to engage conversation and be an activist: wear animal rights shirts, carry an AR tote are
  • Avoid activist burnout: Give yourself 5 minutes. Sit outside. Connect with nature: Realize the world’s still going, people are still laughing, animals are still playing.
  • Talk about Animal Rights on your blogs without alienating readers by being genuine and knowing your audience. A blog is a conversation. It is not set in stone; it's dynamic
Thanks to @vegangrrl, @OpinionessWorld and @JLgoesVegan for sharing these tips vis Twitter!
If you were at VVC and have more to add to this, please comment below and I'll update the post!
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