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Ultimate Vida Vegan Conference Roundup: Saturday

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Unfortunately, I couldn't make it out to Vida Vegan Con (click here to find out why) so I'm living vicariously through all the tweets and blogs posts, which are actually making me feel like I'm there (check out these 9 ways to enjoy it without being there). Twitter is such a fantastic way to connect with people and have conversations, and all the vegan bloggers and tweeters there are doing a great job at posting every detail!First of all, you must check out these live interviews NOW (but don't worry, they're all being recorded):

Interviews from the Live Stream - My Favorites:
Here are some great vegan tips via twitter and blog posts from today (this will likely be updated several times before the end of the day, so check back in often):

Tips from Twitter:
Tweets - My Favorites:
  • @sweeton New #vidavegancon hashtag suggestion: #wwcpgd What would Colleen @PatrickGoudreau do?
  • @bookie85: A fig is a flower. Who knew?
  • @SuperVegan: Can bloggers at #vidavegancon help spread word that pet-related #Hurricane #Irene news can be found via #IrenePets hashtag?
  • @carrieonvegan: I love being #vegan! (It just had to be said). #vidavegancon
  • @lonestarplate: definition of #vidavegancon: when vegans explore the limits of how much food can be eaten in three days
People I "Met" on Twitter Today:
Vegan Companies I Found Via Twitter:
Blog Posts - My Favorites:
Vegan Bodybuilder Robert Cheeke (my pal!) Dancing at the Galarama (via @vegan_kitten)

Pictures from Twitter and Blogs:
from @IsaChandra
from @LeChouSauvage
via @TheVerdantLife 
from @Brit_on_Twit 
from @jchenwriter

from @sam_metal

image from @terryhope
image from @loveoffoodblog
from @snarkyvegan
from @ElisaC
from @LeChouSauvage
from @LeChouSauvage
from @LaziestVegans
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