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Eco-Friendly Dog Games by Nina Ottosson

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Dogs love to play games inside and out, but this is usually limited to fetching balls or frisbees, squeaking toys, and tugging ropes. Like humans, dogs like to be mentally stimulated, but they rarely get the chance with typical games and toys.

That's where Nina Ottosson comes in - this company makes interactive dog activity games, many of which are eco-friendly. These toys give dogs a chance to use problem solving skills to get food rewards, which is a great way to keep them occupied under your supervision at home. You can learn more about the importance of mental activity for dogs by clicking here.

According to the Nina Ottoson website, their products are made from "only the very best materials in the care and safety for our dogs, ranging from packaging to the smallest detail can be submitted for recycling or incineration." The wood used to make the toys comes from Swedish beech trees and every part of the tree is used in the process. Their plastics are non-toxic and recyclable and are made from 40% plastic and 60% wood shavings.

Evie loves playing with them and as a Jack Russell she got the hang of them pretty fast, however it was still a bit of a challenge. It's fun for the both of us and I don't have any eco-guilt.

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