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Recycle clothes you (and your children) don't wear with thredUP

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thredUPis a fantastic site where you swap your clothes through the mail (kinda like Netflix). I have traded about 6 shirts through them and it's been easy, fun, and inexpensive, not to mention eco-friendly. You save the drive to the clothing store and you're exchanging a shirt you no longer want with someone who no longer wants theirs, therefore recycling and reusing! The only catch is that you don't know what you're going to receive - you can only set preferences for use, size, and brand. Luckily I've received some really great items, and only one that I didn't like.

thredUP recently launched a new beta site - thredUP Kids - and it is really cute. It has a similar system as the main site, but with features specific to parents. Their moto is, "Clothes don't grow. Kids do.", and that's exactly why it is eco-friendly. If you have children, or can simply reflect back on your childhood, you know how fast kids grow out of clothing because of size and style - this is incredibly wasteful (billions of pounds of clothing end up in landfills each year) and there hasn't been much that you can do about it, until now.
thredUP Kids allows parents to:
  • make a box of 10-18 pieces of gently worn clothing their children have outgrown
  • sort by gender, size, brand, season, and type of item
  • create clothing profiles for multiple children
  • browse through the clothing boxes of friend and family's children, or with members outside inner circle
  • view reviews of members before swapping
  • get a credit if received box is either damaged or low-quality
By getting your kids involved with thredUP you can teach them the fun and value in recycling. Here are some nice tips on how to get them excited about the process. **skip to 3:50 in the video to see me talk about thredUP Kids**
Because thredUP Kids is new, you're invited to join them in their "seed phase". For each box you enter on their site you will get a credit equal to the price of one swap ($13). If you upload at least 5 boxes, you'll get a six month thredUP Pro membership (valued at $20). Sign-up here to participate in the beta launch.
In case you're not convinced, here are some other reasons to try thredUP (for yourself and/or your kids)
  • inexpensive ($25 for 3 shirts on thredUP, $13 for one box of clothes on thredUP Kids)
  • convenient - just like Netflix
  • time saver - no need to go past the mailbox
  • easy - adding clothes to your profile takes only a few minutes
  • fun - you never know exactly what you're going to get, and who doesn't love the feeling of seeing a package on your doorstep!

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