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Green Fashion, Chic Compassion: Eco-Vegan Fall Style

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The vegan lifestyle is about more than what one eats, it's encompasses every purchase. But don't let that overwhelm you because cruelty-free products are in ambundance and there's no need to feel like you're comprimising on how you feel, act or look. Just as there are many meat and dairy alternatives in the food realm, there are animal-free items galor for home goods, cosmetics, clothing and beyond. And if you want to take it to another level and make your belongings environementally-friendly, no problem!

The following video is a montage of all the beautiful eco-vegan women's clothing I discovered for fall 2013, made from organic, fair trade, recycled, reclaimed, and cruelty-free fabrics. I traveled to 6 stores in the Los Angeles, New York City and Boston areas and highlight my fav finds below. Check it out and let me know which items caught your eye, then click on the links below to learn more about the shops and brands. 


Designers (in order of appearance):

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