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ZEGO Bar: A Soy-Free and Protein-Packed Bar to Stash in Your Bag

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Product review by EvG team member Lily Trahan: 

I've grown up with many food sensitivities, the main one being sugar which tends to give me acne. So needles to say, food bars are not a big part of my diet. Most of them are just candy bars disguised as health food. I decided to give these give ZEGO bars a whirl because I figured that if any bars worked for my system, these would have to be it. In the end, I found myself pleasantly surprised on many levels.

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ZEGO bars come in 2 tasty flavors- Chocolate & Sunflower. Sunflower was my favorite although they both have a nice flavor, good enough to feed to kids too.

Nutrition Info

ZEGO bars are 100 percent allergen-free, which means no nuts, dairy, soy or gluten, plus they're a great source of protein at ten grams per bar. They're also sweetened with brown rice syrup instead of traditional sugar so these yummy snacks won't spike your blood sugar. Plus, that means no more pimples for me.

When To Use Them

As a vegan for both the animals and my health, I'm a big fan of planning ahead when it comes to food. Whenever possible, I try not to get caught in a situation where I'm stuck eating junk out of convenience and I encourage others to do the same. Food is supposed to be our fuel, right? These bars are perfect for:

  • Stashing in your purse
  • Keeping in your backpack at school
  • Storing in your desk at work
  • Keeping on hand for road trips, the airport, traveling, site-seeing, etc.

Other Benefits

Not only are ZEGO bars tasty and great for your health, they contribute to a wonderful cause too. Each time you purchase a bar, 20 percent of the proceeds go to funding children's nutrition, which is something we definitely need more of in our modern society.

My Overall Verdict

ZEGO bars are a great product. They taste good and are nutritionally sound. Give them a try and see for yourself!

By day, writer Lily Trahan works for PETA and by night, she runs her own blog. Be sure to check out her writing at Green Lilies

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