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Top Vegan Restaurant in Chicago: Now You Can Make The Recipes at Home!

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The New Chicago Diner Cookbook by Jo A. Kaucher, with Kat Barry & The Chicago Diner CrewProduct review by EvG team member Kelly O’Brien: 

Practically every vegan across the U.S. knows about The Chicago Diner, a legendary destination as far as plant based restaurants goes! As a ChiTown resident, I get to go there whenever I like - spoiled, I know!!! Since 1983, The Diner has been building it’s reputation as THE Chicago vegan/vegetarian choice to eat at for years. Even back when the city's reputation with meat-and-potatoes was the norm, this little cozy diner was making waves. The Chicago Diner is pretty darn famous here in our city and everyone that stops by for a meal, leaves with a big smile on their face and satisfied belly. It really is a special attraction for both natives and tourists alike.

With all that said, I was over the moon when I found out that there is now a Chicago Diner cookbook. This means that fans from afar and patrons in the city can now make their globally-inspired vegan comfort food in the privacy of their own homes! This cookbook’s variety of recipes will have you drooling and standing back in wonder as you master the dishes yourself. I mean, can I, me, the medicore cook, really recreate the masterpiece menu options of The Chicago Diner in my kitchen? YES, I can! And so can you.

The incredibly detailed and all encompassing cookbook offers chapters such as:

  • Brunch (my favorite meal of the day)
  • Vegan Proteins
  • Dressings and Vegetables & Other Side Dishes
  • Entertaining (which happens to be my favorite chapter)!! 

The book shares my personal Chicago Diner favorites: Meatballs with BBQ Sauce, Breakfast Chorizo, Pasta Carbonara, the Buddha’s Karma Burger & their infamous Cocoa Mouse Cake; it’s DIVINE! I love the simplicity of the layout, easy to follow recipes, gorgeous glossy photographs that illustrate what you have to look forward to and the heartfelt passion by it’s authors. The photography brings you into a world that you want to get much closer to and you can practically taste the savory and sweet dishes off the pages. I also appreciate the cooks’ notes to really simplify the process of creating these comfy dishes!

This cookbook needs to be a staple in every vegan, vegetarian and carnivore kitchen! Everyone in Chicago and beyond is falling head over heels for The New Chicago Diner Cookbook. And when you are in Chicago, please stop by one of their two locations listed on their website (you might just see me there!)


Kelly O’Brien is the brand owner of ‘Snapshots of Wellness’ at www.snapshotsofwellness.com and writer for a large host of websites such as MindBodyGreen.com, Wellness Revolution, Café Truth & Natural Health Magazine! She is also a well known Chicago blogger promoting a primarily plant based lifestyle combined with her own perspective on wellness!

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