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“Superfoods for Life”: Easy Recipes to Incorporate Coconut into Your Life

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Book review by EvG team member Amanda Shea: 

I love anything coconut: it's one of my favorite superfoods. Coconut is amazing and it is a super versatile ingredient to add into one's diet. I strictly use coconut oil for cooking and baking, and it can be used in multiple ways outside the kitchen from toothpaste to skin moisturizer. The multiple health benefits of coconut oil are astonishing: it has been found to help control blood sugar, control appetite, help burn fat and the list goes on. I am always looking for more ways to add coconut into my diet and thus I was very excited to receive the book "Superfoods for Life, Coconut". Note: not every recipe in this book is vegan or vegetarian, but a majority of the recipes are.

The first recipe I tried was the Chocolate, Chia, and Coconut pudding. Chocolate and coconut are two of my favorite ingredients and when combined they are wonderful. The recipe is easy to follow and only had eight ingredients, and as someone with a major sweet tooth it satisfied me without leaving me weighed down as desserts sometimes do. This is a tasty, healthy pudding dessert sure to please any sweet tooth.

Superfoods for Life Coconut  Coconut Chia Pudding Amanda Shea Eco Vegan Gal

The second recipe I crafted was the Sweet Potato Fries, which has two amazing ingredients: sweet potatoes and coconut oil. What could go wrong? I added some paprika to the fries to give them a little more flavor and these were some of the best sweet potato fries I have ever had!

Superfoods For Life  Sweet Potato Fries Amanda Shea Eco Vegan Gal

Author Megan Roosevelt is a registered and licensed dietitian known as the Healthy Grocery Girl. She founded Healthy Grocery Girl, which offers resources, nutrition and products. Megan's mission is to help people live their best life with full health, energy and passion. You can learn more about Megan on her site.

Writer Amanda Shea lives in the Boston area where she works for Vegan Cuts. She co-created and writes for The Envi Girls. Be sure to follow her on Twitter and stay tuned for more of her reviews of Eco-Vegan Gal!

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