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Eco-Vegan Gal Long Sleeve Shirts Now Available, with Freebies!

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By popular demand I finally have Eco-Vegan Gal Long Sleeve Shirts for sale! Yep, you can now proudly display your sustainable, plant-based lifestyle on ultra soft organic apparel. And to sweeten the deal: if you order one before October 29th you'll get some fabulous, free goodies! This deal applies to any shirt bought by Monday, so if you want the last EvGal short sleeve (XL size only) or an EvGuy short sleeve (medium and large available) now is the time!

So what are the freebie options you ask? Let me tell you (italics mean some of these items have been requested):

  • Conscious Box: 2 available (will need to charge a bit extra for shipping)
  • Vega Energiving Smoothie full size (9.9 oz): Choc-a-lot (1) and Bodacious Berry (1)
  • Vega One samples: Vanilla Chai (1 available), French Vanilla (1)
  • Vega Energiving Smoothie samples: Bodacious Berry (2), Tropical Tango (2), Choc-A-Lot (3), Oh Natural (2), Vanilla Almondilla (2)
  • Vegan Pre-Workout Energizer samples: Acai Berry (2)
  • Vega Performance Protein samples: Vanilla (1), Berry (1), Chocolate (2) 
  • Daiya t-shirts: 1 white in size women's small
  • rareEARTH naturas candle: contains beeswax, essential oils, made in USA (will need to charge a bit extra for shipping)
  • Better 4 U! pizza cutter (plastic)
  • Bambooee towel
  • Earth Balance bamboo knives (1 available)
  • Botanical Skin Works: organic soap sample
  • WayFare Pig Out sample (whole grain bacony bits)
  • Sophie's Kitchen coupoin: 1 free product (1 available)
  • Glutino coupon: 1 free product (1)
  • Bold Organics pizza coupon: $1 off (5)
  • Earth Balance coupon: $1 off (5)
  • NadaMoo! coupon: $1 off (2)
  • Sunshine Burger: $1 off (I have a ton!)
  • Enjoy Life Plentils coupon: $0.75 off (2)
  • Coconut Bliss: $0.50 off (I have many)

If you'd like a shirt and any of the goodies above, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before ordering a shirt with a list of what you want. It's first come first serve and a strict end point of Monday afternoon EDT.

What if you already own a shirt and don't need another, but still want some of these cool items? On Monday morning you'll have an opportunity to request any of the remaining items - all you'll have to do is pay for shipping if it costs over $1.

Live out of the country? No problem! You can still order a shirt and/or goodies, shipping will just be a bit more - please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to inquire. 

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