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Homeopathic Remedies for Dogs + Other Companions

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Taking care of Evie, my companion dog, is a huge priority in my life. She's about 7 years old now and I do everything I can to make sure that she's as happy and healthy as possible every day. Overall, her health is fantastic. She's thriving on the plant-based diet and has had very few health issues in her life. However, she's getting up there in age and every once in a while a few challenges pop up. Evie has some skin sensitivities and digestive distress off an on, and I worry about the long-term effects of giving her flea medications. That's why I was thrilled to try out a homeopathic detox from HomeoAnimal.

A few months ago HomeoAnimal gave me the opportunity to review their Complete Detoxification Package, which is designed to boost the immune system, clear out built-up toxins and relieve skin and digestion irritations. I gave Evie the probiotic powder and detox sprays for about 5 weeks and have noticed an improvement almost right away. The probiotics worked wonders on her digestive symptom, as evidenced by her bowel movements, and she's been itching and chewing on her skin a lot less. It also seems like some small growths on her skin (possible warts) have minimized, which is a relief.

In addition to the positive health benefits, I had a great experience with HomeoAnimal's customer happiness team (that's really what they're called). They were super helpful and caring every step of the way. I had a live text chat with Suzanne through their website about Evie's health, then our conversation was passed on to a specialist who prescribed the optimal remedy and shipped it off to me. The package arrived swiftly with simple instructions on how to give the probiotics and sprays to Evie. That easy!

Here's a video with more details on my experience:

If you'd like to try out HomeoAnimal's remedies for your companion, you can use code "ecovegangal" for 10% off at

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*Disclosure: I partnered with HomeoAnimal on this article and video, for which I received financial compensation. The views expressed are entirely my own and my opinion was not influenced by the sponsorship. Brand collaborations like this allow me to continue to create great content and contests for you on a regular basis. I only work with companies that I love and authentically recommend, and HomeoAnimal is in line with my personal and professional values.

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