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Another Overdue Update on Evie

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I am so sorry that I haven't been posting on a regular basis. My life has become busier than anticipated, but this blog is always on my mind. For those of you who are still with me, thank you for your support and continued interest.

Evie is doing great. She's over a year old now and is incredibly healthy. I often forget that she is vegan, since it's so easy.
  • I buy her V-Dog Food and feed it to her like I would with any other kibble.
  • I occasionally give her some veggies to snack on, and she especially likes carrots. She also enjoys kale and broccoli.
  • I occasionally sprinkle supplements on her food, like Cranimals to help keep her urinary tract in good shape, and various Flying Basset powders. Sometimes I sprinkle nutritional yeast on her kibble for a little treat, often with a dash of olive oil (she loves that!)
  • Evie has enjoyed all types of vegan treats, and I have a big roundup planned when I have time to complete it. Right now she snacks on Andean Dream Quinoa Cookies on a daily basis, and Zuke's Z Ridge as a special treat (because they're expensive and contain whey).
Since it's finally winter fleas are no longer a problem, but that was a tough battle. The J&J's Spray and PetGuard Yeast and Garlic weren't cutting it, and I was too lazy to do the diatomaceous earth on a regular basis, so after a certain point I just had deal with them on a daily basis. Luckily they were only really bad for a few weeks, and Evie didn't really seem to mind. We were mostly bummed to have to skip the dog park, but today we're going back for the first time in months!
I recently switched to a new dog waste bag. I've been using Bio Bags and I really like them, but I picked up Pooch Pick-Up and I like them a lot too. They're also biodegradable and easy to open.
I use a eco leash by Premier Pets and a harness by Doggles - they've both been very durable. Premier also makes a great humane anti-bark collar called Spray Sense - I use this on occasion when she gets too barky, and it sends a little burst of citronella under her chin. She has learned not to bark whenever the collar is on, but it hasn't quite worked as a training device, despite my best efforts. Regardless, it's been a great help when it's important for her not to bark at all.
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