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Raw Chocolate Matcha Truffles Recipe

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When I'm craving a chocolately treat this is my go-to recipe. It was inspired by an expensive raw dessert I was buying until I realized how simple it was to make at home. Once I started playing with the ingredients the addition of matcha green tea, one of my favorite flavors, took these bites over the top! The truffles take 5 minutes to prep and after a little time in the freezer they're ready to pop into your mouth! They're great to share with kids, romantic partners, friends and colleagues; be sure to let me know what everyone thinks! Oh, and the video demo of this recipe is coming soon.

Serving Size: 1 truffle
Yield: 7-8 truffles

Ingredients (buy organic whenever possible):


  1. Combine ingredients in a small bowl, in this order.:
    1. Mix cacao powder, salt, and vanilla extract.
    2. Add in melted coconut oil and combine well. Oil can be melted by placing it in a container within a hot bowl of water, or left out in a warm room. If you're not concerned with this recipe being entirely raw, you can melt the oil over a low flame on the stove.
    3. Add in sweetener of choice until you reach desired sweetness. In this recipe I used about 2-3 tablespoons of raw coconut nectar, plus a few drops of liquid stevia. You could use a dry sweetener like coconut sugar, in which case you may need to compensate with a little more coconut oil.
    4. Mix everything together until smooth, adding in a sprinkle of any of the optional superfoods - be sure to taste as you go so that they don't overpower the chocolate taste.
    5. Sprinkle in a 1/2 cup to a cup of hemp seeds, until they are well coated in the mixture.
    6. Mix in the cacao nibs - if you love the taste and crunchy texture, add more than a tablespoon.
  2. Use a spoon to scoop up the mixture into bite-size balls. You can also roll them in your hands, but warning: it gets really messy!
  3. Place truffle balls on a tray or plate and sprinkle with matcha powder. If you enjoy a strong green tea flavor, sprinkle liberally.
  4. Put truffles into the freezer to chill for 10-15 minutes.
  5. Remove from freezer and press down on a truffle to confirm that they're hardened. If not, put them back in for a little longer.
  6. Once they've reached the preferred consistency, leave the truffles out on counter for a couple of minutes before enjoying.

Store remaining truffles in fridge to keep them cool and fresh.

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