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How the neti pot changed my life

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Almost exactly 2 months ago I wrote a post about getting my allergies under control naturally. At the time I was excited to see an improvement with my allergy symptoms (running nose, itchy eyes, facial swelling), but I wasn't convinced it would last. I've had awful allergies for about 5 years and had never found a natural remedy...until now. My allergies have cleared up by about 95%, which is huge. And all it took was a twice a day routine with the neti pot: warm water and salt.

I am perplexed that no one ever recommend this to me, after all the research I did, all the doctors I saw, all the medications I tried, and all the uncomfortable days spent feeling miserable. The solution was as simple and natural, so I feel compelled to share this update.
I no longer have to spend money on products that were either ineffective or potentially harmful long term; and I no longer have to throw away packaging. My routine with the neti pot is both eco-friendly, wallet friendly, and healthy. And I am so much happier.
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