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Q&A: Eco & Vegan Flip Flops

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What source do you recommend for good vegan flip flops?

Good question! It's been a while since I bought flip flops (a good pair will last for many years), but here are some great companies who make vegan and eco-friendly sandals:

  • Chipkos - various materials (for each pair of sandals sold 100 square feet of an endangered rain forest are protected!)
  • (Crocs are vegan!)
  • Feel Goodz - natural rubber
  • Neuaura - cork and rubber
  • Ocean Minded - most of their sandals are made with leather, but these are not
  • Patagonia - several materials
  • Sanuk - lots of styles and materials
  • Simple - several materials such as Recycled PET
These are just a few examples - do a web search for "vegan flip flops" or "vegan sandals" and you'll be overwhelmed with all the animal-free options! So many styles to choose from, what's an Eco-Vegan Gal (or Guy) to do?! ; ) 
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