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French Doctor Says Vegan Diet is Unhealthy! (EVG Q&A)

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"I think therefore I am vegan"

My name is Marie and I'm French. I ordered "Skinny Bitch" and read it in 2 days! Awesome book! I read “The Kind Diet” and I also began to read "The China Study". Today I asked my doctor about a vegeterian or a vegan diet and she told me that it was an unhealthy diet. She told me not to do it. My stomach has been reduced in October (gastric sleeve) and she said that I had to eat fish and dairies to get proteins. I am pretty sad because I really do believe in that way of life. My doc said that vegan people have many deficiencies and die young!!! I don't know what to believe!!! Please help me!!!

So glad that you are reading all the vegan books - you've picked some of the best!

I am sorry to hear that your doctor told you that vegan diet is unhealthy - many doctors will say that if they are not well educated in nutrition. However, I can assure you that the vegan diet is healthy for most people if you do it well, and you can actually live longer! I have been so much healthier as a vegan and I know many people who are the same.

Make sure you eat a varied diet with lots of vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, and grains - this all has protein. France has such fresh food it should be no problem! Also make sure to get B12 from somewhere, such as a supplement.

As for gastric surgery, this is not something I know much about. But I did a web search and found a lot of people talking about being vegetarian or vegan post operation. Check out some of these links:

What part of France do you live in? Have you searched online to see if there are vegetarian restaurants or vegan people nearby? I'm happy to help you find some resources to support you.

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