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Resources on Juicing: 8 Recipe Books & Video Playlist

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Want to incorporate more fruit and vegetable juice into your life but not sure about the ins and outs of the process? If you're looking for fresh juice recipes and more information on how these nutrient-dense beverages can make an impact on your health, here are some resources to guide you.

Eco-Vegan Gal videos on juicing:

My favorite juicer: Omega 8004 or NC800


The Juicing Bible

  • One of the bestselling juicing books
  • 350 recipes -- juices, tonics, cleansers, digestives, teas, roughies, smoothies, milk and coffee substitutes and frozen treats
  • Diet and lifestyle changes that will keep each system working as well as it can
  • Details on 80 common health concerns, with recommendations on how to use natural foods to combat each condition
  • Information on fruits, vegetables and herbs, their uses and healing properties, and advice on purchasing and storage

Juicing for Life: A Guide to the Benefits of Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Juicing

  • A-Z guide shows you how to use nature's bounty in the prevention and treatment of our most common health disorders
  • Complete nutritional programs for over 75 health problems, telling you which fruits and vegetables have been shown effective in combatting specific illnesses and why
  • Hundreds of delicious, nutrition-rich juicing recipes
  • Dietary guidelines and plans to follow in conjunction with your juicing regimen.
  • Author Cherie Calbom has more resources and books on her website

The Healthy Juicer's Bible: Lose Weight, Detoxify, Fight Disease, and Live Long

  • The good, the bad, and the ugly so you can make smart and informed decisions 
  • Learn how to heal your body and return it to harmony
  • Benefits of juicing for life and on forming a habit
  • Author Farnoosh Brock blogs about all aspects of a healthy lifestyle 

Complete Book of Juicing: Your Delicious Guide to Youthful Vitality

  • 150 recipes
  • How specific juices can help combat cancer, relieve arthritis, lower blood pressure, resist aging, reduce high cholesterol, etc.
  • Detailed nutritional information for each recipe 
  • Safe and effective guide to fasting with juices
  • Author Michael T. Murray N.D. has recipes on his website, along with more natural medicine resources
  • How to use fresh juice combinations to improve your health: lose weight, overcome fatigue, reduce your risk of many serious diseases, and relieve scores of common ailments.
  • Simple, flavorful recipes for drinks
  • For beginners and for avid juicers
  • Author Jay Kordich is considered the father of juicing and thus is quite the resource - check out his website for a blog, videos, and online courses

Juice Fasting and Detoxification: Use the Healing Power of Fresh Juice to Feel Young and Look Great

  • Explains how to fast using raw fruit & vegetable juices while maintaining a nearly normal work and living schedule.
  • Recipes
  • Detoxification techniques (exercises, weight loss, water fasting) 
  • How to exit a fast safely
  • Author Steve Meyerowitz has a neat educational website and product line called Sproutman
  • Indexing system sorts the juices by key ingredients, by nutrients, and by health benefits. 
  • Simple five-star system rates the effectiveness of the drinks in boosting energy and detoxifying the body, as well as potential benefits for the immune system, digestion, and even skin quality
  • Practical, down-to-earth instructions for making restorative and great-tasting vegetable and fruit juices, smoothies, and tonics
  • Detoxing cleanses as well as flu-fighting elixirs
  • Author Eric Helms owns a chain of juice bars in Manhattan and Brooklyn and has shared his juicing expertise on local and national media.

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