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Polska Food’s Mushroom Cabbage Pierogi is Easy, Vegan Comfort Food

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Product review by EvG team member Rachel Curit: 

For some, pierogies taste like childhood. Others look at it and think it's an oddly shaped ravioli. Then there are people who have never heard of pierogies. Whatever camp you find yourself in, Polska's Mushroom Cabbage Pierogi is pure comfort food. Filled with sauerkraut and cremini mushrooms, these Polish dumplings are flavorful, to say the least.

Not only is the product impressive, but so is the customer service of the company. The CEO, Bridget, emailed me the day the pierogies had arrived at my doorstep, giving me ideas on how to prepare them. The simplest way is to just boil them and pile on the caramelized onions. Just imagine coming home after a long day at work and all you have to do is plop a few frozen pierogies in boiling water and caramelize some onions. Lo and behold, you've got yourself something comforting and satisfying, no drive-throughs and no microwave meals. Some sort of steamed green on the side would round everything out.

Polksas Mushroom Cabbage Pierogi EcoVegan Gal Rachel Curit

Bridget also sent me a link to Vegan Miam's review of the pierogies where she made a white bean Alfredo sauce to drizzle on top. I'm so glad she did, because the combination of the Alfredo with the tangy, meaty, vegan pierogies was so satisfying, not to mention super filling. Four dumplings equals one serving and I had six in total.

If you're still unsure, maybe the fact that these are Non-GMO, have no trans fats, no added sugar, no soy or MSG, no preservatives and their flour is organic will convince you. Polska's is not a vegan company and they do contain wheat and oil, but they also contain nearly ten percent of your daily iron. Sounds good to me!

Polskas Mushroom Cabbage Pierogi 3 Eco Vegan Gal Rachel Curit

Whether you're looking to amp these up with a decadent sauce or you just want a quick and easy meal after a long day, these mushroom cabbage pierogies are vegan comfort food at its finest.


Rachel is recent graduate of the University of Maine, where she studied Spanish and English with a concentration in professional writing. In addition to writing and editing for Eco-Vegan Gal, she is the blogger behind The Judgmental Vegan and writes for One Green Planet.

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