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Mix Up Snack Time With a Bag of CrispRoot Cassava Chips

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Product review by EvG team member Rachel Curit: 


Chips are a food staple for many people and everyone has their preferences. Some people like their chips simple with salt while others favor zingy barbecue. Some prefer to deviate from the typical potato chip and go for sweet potato chips or carrots chips or even beet chips. Despite the vast array of chip options out there, I'd never heard of cassava chips, and considering that I love cassava I found this surprising. Similar to potatoes, carrots, and beets, cassava is a root vegetable and lends itself perfectly to a crispy chip. CrispRoot is a gluten-free company that boasts less fat and twice the fiber as traditional chips. 

Original CrispRoot Cassava Chips-Rachel Curit- Eco-Vegan Gal

In addition to being gluten-free, CrispRoot's chips are also dairy-free and contain no cholesterol and no trans-fat. The best part is that they are crunchy and perfectly salty, just what I want in a chip. CrispRoot sent me all four of their flavors and here's what I thought: 

  • Original: Though I wasn't immediately drawn to them, I have to say the Original flavor is my favorite. The garlicky, salty, and slightly sweet notes were subtle enough to be an "original" flavor, but unique enough that I felt like I was eating something special. I had to force myself to slow down and experience the chips, rather than shoveling them in my mouth one after another.
  • Sea Salt: These reminded me of a standard ruffle chip, but less greasy and just as satisfying. They were begging to be dunked into a vegan ranch dip at a New Year's Eve party.
  • BBQ Bliss: These weren't neon orange like a lot of barbecue chips, but they still had the familiar sweet and spicy flavors, although they lacked the tang of the big brands.
  • Thai Ginger: Pleasantly warm and spicy, the Thai Ginger chips delivered flavor without overwhelming me.

While CrispRoot is gluten-free and does contain less fat than the average chip, it is not sugar-free, nor is it oil-free and it may contain palm oil. Both the BBQ Bliss and Thai Ginger flavors contain autolyzed yeast, which some people avoid due to its relation to MSG. Overall, I think CrispRoot cassava chips are a fun variation on the traditional potato chip and are a great once in a while treat.

Have you tried CrispRoot? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below. 

In addition to writing for Eco-Vegan Gal, Rachel Curit works on her blog, The Judgmental Vegan, and freelance writes for the website, One Green Planet. Be sure to like her Facebook page and follow her on Twitter

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