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Is Seaweed the New Kale? Try Ocean’s Halo’s Seaweed Chips and Sea for Yourself

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Product review by EvG team member Kelly O'Brien:

Four dads and a desire to feed their kids healthy, nutritious snacks has resulted in the salty, tasty goodness of Ocean's Halo Seaweed Chips! I've been snackin' on four fabulous flavors: Sea Salt, Chile Lime, Hot & Spicy, and Korean BBQ. What I love about this snack is that it is so versatile. What came to mind was tossing them in your child's lunchbox, a picnic to the beach, as a side for lunch, snack between meals and the list is endless (goes on). What we feed ourselves and our children truly matters and I raise my hat to these guys for all of their hard work creating this brand.

Let's first chat about 'why' these amazing varieties of seaweed chips are an ideal healthy snack for your family. Ocean's Halo Seaweed Chips contain no gluten, no preservatives, no MSG & they are non-GMO. These chips are made from SEAWEED which is one of nature's biggest and best super foods.

 Oceans Halo Chips

Do you know the benefits of seaweed? Seaweed contains Vitamin A & Vitamin C and is a great source of calcium. Seaweed's primary benefit? Iodine, which critical in maintaining healthy thyroids & metabolisms. So, these dads who created Ocean's Halo Seaweed Chips put a lot of thought into their delicious creative products!

And what about our environment? I love this fact I just learned from their website: a seaweed farm roughly the size of Washington state could provide enough protein for everyone in the world! How cool is that? Are you catching on to why seaweed is a key superfood?

So, the biggest question I imagine you have is, how do these chips taste? I ate all four bags of chips (don't judge me) by myself. And my favorite was the Sea Salt with the Korean BBQ coming in a close second. The taste is pretty unique and very addictive. If you combine the taste of a nori roll & salty tortilla, you have the Sea Salt Halo Seaweed Chip. The taste reminds me of summer and actually the nutritious content of the chip gave me energy (or else I like to think it did). I love eating a healthy snack like these chips and not feeling the after effect of lethargy.

And while the kids (and adults) are snacking on these chips, what these do next is an educational conversation starter: They donate 2 percent of their profits to the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Children Education Fund to "inspire ocean conservation in future generations."

I strongly encourage you to head over their website to check out their fantastic flavors and purchase yourself a summer's worth of chips. They are sold at a variety of stores near you, such as Whole Foods, Mollie Stone's Markets, Vons, and more! I have a Whole Foods several blocks from me so I will be getting some this weekend.

Nom, nom, nom.

Kelly O'Brien is the brand owner of 'Snapshots of Wellness' at www.snapshotsofwellness.com and writer for a large host of websites such as MindBodyGreen, Wellness Revolution, Café Truth & Natural Health Magazine! She is also a well known Chicago blogger promoting a primarily plant-based lifestyle combined with her own perspective on wellness.

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