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It's so nice to be catching up on all my old videos! Like my last review on 118 Degrees, this piece on Pure Food and Wine has been on my mind since I tapped it last year. In fact, my sister has been bugging me about it because she thinks it's one of the best meals she's ever had with me, and I agree. Watching the footage again reminded me of how incredible the food is there (and how nice NYC is in the summer!). 

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In 2005, brand new in LA, I applied to a job ad on Craigslist for a vegan cafe called Taste of the Goddess in West Hollywood, and I was thrilled when I got an interview. But this wasn't any vegan establishment - they made raw food, which was pretty foreign to me. I'm not sure if I ever had raw food before this time - it wasn't really a big deal back in Boston. Well, I got the job and worked there part-time for about 6 months until I got too busy to keep it up - I learned so much about raw food and health from the owners Jenny & Nwenna, I even did a month long cleanse (Ejuva). Sadly, Taste of the Goddess didn't remain open much longer, but the ladies behind it went on to do bigger and better things.
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If you're a vegetarian or vegan, you likely want to date someone else with the same lifestyle, but that can be challenging - only about 3% of the population is vegetarian and approximately 1% are vegan. And even if you can find people with the same way of living, it then comes down to connection and attraction. Personally, I've only clicked with a few vegan men - my wonderful boyfriend falls into the "veg curious" category. So what's a single plant eater to do? How about try veg speed dating?
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If you like cheesy, spicy, dippy, soy-free, nut-free, fat-free food, then I've got just the thing for you: vegan queso by Food For Lovers. This delicious Velveeta-like "cheese dip" was created by two young lovebirds (thus the name - they're insanely adorable). Crystal is Mexican and missed her home country's dishes when she went vegan, so naturally she decided to perfect a vegan queso recipe. And perfect it she did! This healthier queso is so yummy most people gobble down a whole jar up in less than a day (guilty as charged)!
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Exciting announcement! I've joined the fabulous ecorazzi team as the host of their new video series "Good Gossip"!! Ecorazzi has been one of my favorite eco sites for a while and I'm thrilled to be a part of it. Tune in every Wednesday morning for the entertainment news style show, where you'll hear about the latest celebrity do-gooder(s) and green going-ons, in 3 minutes or less.

Check out the first episode, in which I talk about the cool things happening with Ryan Gosling, Betty White, Michelle Obama, and some exciting eco news! And if you don't care about any of that, tune in just to see me make a fool of myself. ; )

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While at the Natural Products Expo West 2011 I sat down with Dennis Godby, MA, ND to talk to him about his naturopathic medical practice, his upcoming event (The Run), and hear what he had to say about health in general. He's incredibly down to Earth and provided some great tips on how the food that we eat and they way that we live effects how we feel, which is very much inline with my opinions. 
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By now, most people at least know that they should bring their own reusable shopping bag to the grocery store. This prevents waste from plastic and paper shopping bags, which get at best a few uses after returning from the store. However, one eco trend that hasn't quite caught on yet is reusable produce and bulk bags - every day thousands of shoppers use the provided small, thin plastic or biodegradable bags at the market without even realizing there's an alternative, and they usually end up in the landfills. Good thing there's a fantastic option: reusable produce bags made from cotton, canvas, or related plastic! Skip to the bottom for the video.

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We've all been there - time is running out and just as you're headed out the door you remember you haven't eaten all day. With no time to make or pack food - what to do? Or, you're at the airport about to board a plane and don't want to be stuck without anything to eat or paying $10 for a bag of GMO potato chips. That's exactly why GoPicnic was created.

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