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Healing Raw Vegan Cookbook: Annelie’s Raw Food Power

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Guest post by Emily Heikes:

Even if you don't plan to switch to a raw vegan diet anytime soon, Raw Food Power is a great resource on incorporating more healing foods into your diet. Former stuntwoman turned naturopath, Annelie Whitfield has created flavorful recipes and remedies based on her experience healing herself.

The first recipe I tackled was the Mango, Avocado, and Tomato Burritos. The apple cider vinegar-based dressing was a perfect flavor combination with the filling ingredients. And as she does with many of the recipes in her book, she has suggestions for variations. This is something I really appreciated as the recipes are more launching-off points for flavorful meals than set in stone formulas.

Second, I made the Cheesecake for Breakfast recipe. This was my first attempt at a raw dessert and it turned out pretty well! The cheesecake was your basic cashew-cream filling but she has some great flavor addition suggestions. Aside from having to freeze the cake for a minimum of two hours the prep time is quick and all that's needed is a food processor.

What really puts this book over the top is the chapter on natural remedies. She has solutions for a variety of symptoms from coughs to headaches. The only downside to the book is that honey is a common ingredient; though, it looks like it can easily be substituted with a different liquid sweetener in most instances. I would definitely suggest Annelie's Raw Food Power to someone who is looking for natural remedies or to anyone who thinks a raw vegan diet would be bland. This book would definitely prove them wrong!

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Have you ever tried natural remedies to everyday coughs or headaches? What was your experience?

Emily Heikes lives in Springfield, IL with her vegan pup, Katie, where she is SpringfieldVegChef and a cycling enthusiast.

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