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Clean House: Are There Sneaky Toxins Lurking in Your Home?

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A few months ago VegNews magazine approached me about writing an article about spring greening cleaning the home with tips on how to avoid and kick out nasty toxins. I was thrilled to contribute to their environemtal issue (entitled "Are We Screwed?") and learned a ton from researching the piece (I can reassure you, we are not screwed). This 'zine hit mailboxes a few days ago and should be in newstands now or quite soon so be sure to grab a copy! Here are a few of the simple ways to detox your home for better health (read the full lowdown in the article!):

  • Common household chemicals can cause skin irritation, respiratory problems, infertility, allergies, birth defects, cancer and psychological disorders. Shop for products labeled natural, non-toxic, chemical-free, green certified and/or organic.
  • You breathe in 10 to 20 thousand liters of air every day, inhaling all sorts of minuscule things - fortunately there are many indoor plants that can remove chemical vapors and toxic fumes from the air (find out which to buy in the article!)
  • Most tap water contains chlorine and/or fluoride, which can have harmful effects on brain cells, bones, organs and skin. Invest in a high quality filtration system (tips for finding the right one are in the article)
  • Many personal care products (yes, even the vegan brands) are loaded with harmful components. Purchase organic and truly natural products with short ingredient lists.
  • You spend roughly one third of your life in bed yet people rarely think about how it affects their health.
  • Plus, advice on non-toxic kitchen ware, bathroom stuff, bedroom essentials and personal care necessities.

Would love to hear your thoughts once you've read the article - what did you learn and how have you implemented it in your life? Have any further questions about toxic-free living?

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