Wednesday, 22 April 2009 09:14

Happy Earth Day!

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This day will certainly be information overload for me today, as everyone is talking about the environment. I am going to post all the interesting things I learn here, including Twitter highlights.

- Twitter: @badbanana - "Sure enough, Al Gore came down the chimney last night and unplugged all of our appliances."
- CNN: "In honor of Earth Day 2009, Disney promised to plant a tree for each person who goes to see the movie [Earth] on its opening weekend."
- Twitter: @Odawalla - "Odwalla bottles (and caps) are fully recyclable and accepted in community curbside recycling programs!" "If you're beverage bottle has a <7> on the bottom, it hurts, not helps, your local community recycler. That's why we don't use those!"

- Twitter: @yosoyliz - "@ecovegangal Do you know its a cute little online ecoshop"

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