Companion Animals

Companion animals (aka pets) bring great joy to our lives, and they too can benefit from an eco-vegan makeup to reduce their carbon footprints. For instance, dogs can safely and effectively eat a vegan diet (yep, there's research to back this up). The following posts offer up advice, resources and product recommendations from Whitney and companion animal experts like vets and specialists.

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Taking care of Evie, my companion dog, is a huge priority in my life. She's about 7 years old now and I do everything I can to make sure that she's as happy and healthy as possible every day. Overall, her health is fantastic. She's thriving on the plant-based diet and has had very few health issues in her life. However, she's getting up there in age and every once in a while a few challenges pop up. Evie has some skin sensitivities and digestive distress off an on, and I worry about the long-term effects of giving her flea medications. That's why I was thrilled to try out a homeopathic detox from HomeoAnimal.

In May 2010 I was interviewed for Natural Dog Magazine about raising a vegan dog. I finally received a copy of it to share with you! Here is an expert - read the article for more, including advice from my amazing friend and vet Dr. Armaiti May:

Tuesday, 29 September 2009 11:09

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