Success Stories

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Eco Successes

samI'm a teenager and going through phases is something people my age are known for doing. However, what my family and friends do not realize is that this whole eco-friendly movement I'm undergoing is not a phase. It's a lifestyle adjustment that I'm hoping to be involved in for the rest of my like. I hope to become an environmental scientist and raise awareness of some of the very topics that Whitney discusses! From underwire free bras, aluminum free deodorant, Toms toothpaste and mouthwash and floss, recycled toothbrushes, paraben free and biodegradable hair care, solar powered night lights, plants in my room, aluminum waterbottles (BPA free, of course!), spending time outside, I LOVE OUR ENVIRONMENT. And there is absolutely no way of stressing that enough. I bring a Mason Jar to school everyday and force my friends to put fruit scraps in it, then I bring it home and compost! Whitney, you probably won't read this...ever...but you truly are an inspiration to girls like me. I'm so happy to know that noone is in this alone and that even though being green isn't exactly the "cool" thing to do in most people's eyes, folks like us are making a change. And when I become a renound environmental scientist, I will meet you and we will open so many people's eyes. Thank you for all you do and stay green! ~ Sam (age 15, WA)

Vegan Successes

"I decided around 10 months ago now to challenge myself at being vegan for one week after being vegetarian for over 25 years. After 7 days, I felt alive again. I felt light and refreshed. It was like I took on a whole new energy at knowing that my food didn't cause any animals to be harmed. I then made the decision that I was going to stay with the vegan lifestyle and have never looked back. Not only have I lost weight, my skin has cleared up, I have met a ton of new friends, I have so much energy and I just feel fantastic." ~ Monica Kelly (Toronto, Canada)

I became a vegan because I never liked to eat animals, but when you're small and have never heard of veganism you eat whats in front of you. Before that I was not a very healthy person and did not know about nutrition, what's better to eat or drink, it was just all junk that I ate or drank. And I was not a very out going person - I would shy away from everyone; in a way, I still do, but it's getting better. Before I became a vegan my weight was 340 pounds and now that I am vegan it's down to 210, and I didn't even work out - the pounds were just coming off. I feel so much better and more comfortable around people and I think to that I am getting smarter, because before i could not read or write, and i was in my 40's. My friend helped me get a PC and that helping me get better into reading and writing. I could not cook but I wanted to learn - I got much better at that too, so now I make my own vegan foods that I post on my own blog. Seeing my life getting much better is all thanks to being a vegan. Getting involved in veganism has helped me become a better me - animals are friend now not food. Because of you I have now become eco - no more plastic for me, it's glass all the way. You made a video about side effect about soy and wheat and gluten things that can puff up parts of a body - I was having trouble with that, and I could not put together why that was happening til i saw your video; I stopped eating things that have those things and now WOW what a difference! Chubby checks are gone, much better all around, thank you so much for the info. ~ Fredrick (age 50, Scarorough Ont. Canada)

Health Successes

amanda australia"At the age of 25 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. At 27 I decided to give being vegan a try after reading Vegan Freak and also being introduced to veganism by my friend who has been a vegan for over 5 years. Three months into my vegan lifestyle the doctor took me off my diabetic and cholesterol medications. My vegan lifestyle had bought both my blood sugar and cholesterol down. Also I use to suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome but no longer suffer symptoms." ~ Amanda (Adelaide, South Australia)

junghwa golden gate park"I became vegan by an accident when I was a senior in high school. I've always had sensitive stomach since baby. However, it was the summer of sr year in school that I got very sick. I didn't know what to do because I got stomachache every time I ate. So I eliminated everything. I only ate plain oatmeals, vegetables, and fruits. I didn't eat protein (not on purpose, didn't know what it was back then) which made me severely weak. But this diet helped me with the stomach pain. I was FREE of pain. I was so happy but at the same time I lost a lot of weight. I was already skinny to begin with. So I looked like a skeleton (literally). I went into Collge and couldn't enjoy "life". I was scared of eating and of food. Food equaled pain in my eyes. But through research, I gradually learned more about different types of food. I visited Whole Foods almost everyday and saw that there were so many food I could enjoy! It took almost 5 years, but I gradually gained not only health but LIFE back! Now, I fully enjoy life and food on Veganism. I love food :) I love to walk and practice yoga daily. Working out makes me feel fresh and energetic. I love the awesome fresh green juices in the morning and also many green smoothies! Quinoa, Kabocha, Kale, and Kombucha are my favorite foods (I call it my Q3K's!)" (Junghwa, CA)