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About the Book

I look forward to Natural Products Expo year round and spend months planning for it. I anticipate it like a child does Christmas Eve (seriously). The 4 days on the show floor are magical, and I’m not alone in these feelings. There are 15 other contributors to this ebook who feel equally as passionate about this event. 

As fun as it can be, Expo is first and foremost a serious business event. You’ll be exposed to powerful people in the natural products industry that you may never meet outside of the convention center. You’ll experience product launches before the rest of the world does.

The tips we’ve shared in this book will help attendees and exhibitors have an extraordinarily successful time at this special show. You’ll feel more relaxed, more prepared and more confident. You’ll be equipped with strategies to make the most out of important business opportunities. Our goal is to help you have the best experience ever at Expo (as it’s referred to in the industry).


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* this guide is based on my personal experience attending and covering Expo since 2009. It is not endorsed by NewHope


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