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Saturday, 25 August 2012 10:10

How To Gain Weight on the Vegan Diet

It might seem strange to do an article on gaining weight when most people are concerned with losing it, but I've received several questions from women and men who are struggling to keep weight on the plant-based diet. I don't have any experience with this personally (aside from writing this article for veg men), so I turned to my friend for advice because she dealt with and overcome this challenge. She wrote up a great piece entitled, "Gaining My Health Back to Life The Vegan Way":

Question from a Reader:
My wife has been vegan for many years and I just joined her a while back (talk about a good way to improve a marriage!). 
I am getting resistance from friends (and our kids, college age) and wanted something to point to for them to see the benefits of being vegan.  I remember watching a video you had which was basically showing your transformation from pre vegan to vegan with oil and sugar, finally to where you are now, and I have to say the changes were so impressive! Can you point me to a video where you showed that?
Answer, Plus List of Resources:
First of all, how wonderful that you went vegan, and that it improved your marriage! Eating healthy and being more compassionate is a great way to strengthen a bond between people. As for your question, I have 2 responses:

1. Here's my video on my journey from non-vegan, to unhealthy vegan, to healthy vegan: Learning How To Lose Weight & Love The Body In A Healthy Way. So glad it inspired you and I hope it does the same for other people in your life.

2. You inspired me to gather resources to help people in your situation, who are vegan but don't have support from friends and family. I reached out to my social media community and asked what they use in these cases and I received this fantastic list. Browse through, give each one a read/watch when you have a chance, and keep them in your back pocket when in need of some assistance explaining why you're vegan.

Websites and Blogs:

Movies and Online Videos:
I love this unique tip from MyVeganJournal.Com:
My camera!! Use your cameras, people! Best resource ever! People LOVE to see yummy vegan food! I try to get to their hearts through their stomachs ;)

Of course this list could go on and on, but those are the top responses I received from people who are working hard to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, no matter what opposition or challenges they face. I hope this helps! 
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