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Website: A Different Feather

A Different Feather is a boutique web marketing firm that specializes in increasing online visibility for small businesses and non-profits. Their clients are business owners who are enthusiastic about growing their online presence but prefer not to devote in-house resources to develop and execute a winning web marketing strategy. They help by building and maintaining attractive websites for them, managing their social networks, overseeing their e-mail marketing campaigns and creating unique blog content. 

Logo: Yashesh Vaghela

Yashesh Vaghela is a graphic designer specialising in the fields of corporate identity (logo) design, web design and photo retouch.

Various Website Elements: Nouri Zarrugh

Nouri Zarrugh is an artist and feelance illustrator based in Austin, Texas.

Header Photo: Jorge Moreno

Words from Jorge, the self taught photography addict: "My photography leans towards portraits which are intimate and personal. I believe people make the best subjects, yet I try to give that intimacy to any subject I shoot. I use photography as a means of self-expression – I make pictures for myself, to identify with hidden qualities of my character, to better understand my reality, to express my interpretation of the world around me, and to interact with people I would otherwise not be able to engage with. My goal is to use my camera like Alice’s rabbit hole, to open an unexplored world, a place of curious self-expression, but also a world of new relationships, new experiences and most importantly new stories. My work is passionate, expresses intense feeling, and it is spunky, full of liveliness. When people see my work I would like them to feel a connection with the subject."

Video Music: Don Bodin

Don Bodin is a composer, songwriter and music producer who has been composing music for Whitney since 2004. He is also a very talented photographer.

Video Introduction: Salman Khan of VideoExplainers

VideoExplainers is a visual communications and productions company specializing in complete web videos, audio video productions, post production 3d and 2d animations, graphic design and multimedia for web, and broadcast and print media. Their strength is visuals, imagery so powerful that it drives a constant message that helps viewers understand, attracts them to the message and meets the bottom line. Expect great quality and commitment, and excellent customer service.

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