Whitney Lauritsen created Eco-Vegan Gal to help and inspire people take better care of themselves and the planet so we could all have healthier, happier lives. She believes that eating an organic, whole foods plant-based diet can result in vitality, longevity, internal peace and overall wellbeing. Likewise, adapting an eco-friendly lifestyle can culminate in an appreciation for the planet, connection to other people and nature, and a sense of contribution that will effect many generations to come. And most importantly, Whitney knows first hand that people can have fun while making a difference.

At Eco-Vegan Gal you'll learn how to easily prepare delicious and nutritious plant-based food and make eco-friendly lifestyle decisions everyday. Plus, you'll discover the best green and healthy vegan products, restaurants, and experiences through video reviews. Whitney is devoted to enriching lives and demonstrating how everyone can implement small changes to make choices that benefit the entire world.


Eco-Vegan Gal features vegan-friendly companies and people in many categories (food, fitness, personal care, beauty, fashion, baby/family, companion animals, for the home, travel, etc.) that meet all or most of the following criteria:

  • eco-friendly*
  • non-toxic
  • organic
  • non-GMO
  • fair-trade
  • US made
  • gluten-free
  • soy-free
  • sugar-free
  • low in salt and/or oil
  • unprocessed/whole foods

* eco-friendly means meeting at least one of the following criteria: sustainably packaged; made out of recycled, biodegradable or compostable materials; energy efficient.


Whitney only endorses and reviews that which is in line with her values. In many cases Whitney is provided with samples to experience a product, but in other cases she purchases them herself without notifying the company - she will make this delineation when necessary. When a company sends samples it does not guarantee that the products will be featured positively or at all on the site - Whitney retains the right to decide if she thinks it is a good fit for her audience based on the above criteria and personal opinion.

Submit your product for consideration by filling out the form on the contact page.